Plus - The man in the street is up in arms, an update on Samantha Mumba's legs and The Pope starts using e-mail...

Bradley McIntosh has a favourite pillow.

The S Club 7 drummer takes it with him everywhere he goes, the Daily Star (November 23) reports. Bradley, who use to smoke mind-bending marijuana cigarettes on the street, says: “I like to get my head down.”

Britain’s man-on-the-street is up in arms about the news, fearful of reprisals.

needs to be told. And I’m the man to tell him. Jumped up little toe-rag. I’ll give him Children in chuffing Need. Bastard.”

Elsewhere, The Sun reports that a man attempted to chat up Samantha Mumba in a pub, but was shot down when she refused on account of not really wanting to have it.

“She was a bit tired,” a spokesperson for the man said. “He thought she looked very nice. She’s much bigger than she looks on the television though. She’s a keen hill walker, by all accounts, loves pulling on big socks and ill-fitting boots and getting out into the country over the weekend. The foot and mouth crisis played havoc with her walking.”

Elsewhere, The Pope began using e-mail yesterday.

Finally, the Mirror’s three girls report that George Foreman, former World Heavyweight Champion, is now selling grilling machines.

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