Rachel Stevens is to play a pop diva in a new movie - shouldn't be too hard...


‘s RACHEL STEVENS has signed a six-figure deal to star in a HOLLYWOOD movie.

According to a report in today’s (November 12) Sun newspaper, ‘Suzie Gold’ tells the story of a young Jewish girl, played by Summer Phoenix, who breaks free from her traditional family and lands a job on a TV station. Stevens plays a demanding diva from a fictional pop group called M5.

The singer was in the middle of filming S Club

‘s fourth TV series, ‘Viva S Club’, in Barcelona when she received a call from director Ric Cantor.

She said: “Doing my scenes was great fun and I loved being on a movie set. I might play a diva but she is honestly nothing like me in real life.

“Summer was lovely and very friendly. I still love singing but I definitely want to do more acting in the future.”