Current singles queen Geri is facing a renewed battle from the band she claimed the singles top slot from...


and current chart topper GERI HALLIWELL are currently neck and neck in the race to become this week’s UK Number One single.

Initial sales figures based on purchases yesterday (May 14) show that ‘Don’t Stop Movin” by S Club 7 is currently outselling Geri Halliwell‘s cover of The Weather Girls’ ‘It’s Raining Men’ by only 210 copies. The songs have sold 11,369 and 11,159 copies respectively.

This week’s highest new entry is currently BB Mak, whose new single ‘Still On Your Side’ is currently at Number Six. Other new entries in the Top Ten are likely to come from UK Garage duo Oxide & Neutrino, whose new release ‘Up Your Middle Finger’ is currently at Number Seven, and A Teens, who are at Number Ten with their new single ‘Upside Down’.

Elsewhere, Stereo MC’s comeback single ‘Deep Down & Dirty’ is at Number 13, Pepe Deluxe are at Number 15 with ‘Before You Leave’ and King Adora are set for their first Top 20 hit with ‘Bionic’, which is currently at Number 20.

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