Yep, get ready for all those amusing coke jokes (including our headline) - bet they're even funnier than the spliff jests...

S CLUB 7 are the UK’s new faces of PEPSI in a huge new deal – despite the recent controversy which engulfed the band when three of them were caught in central LONDON smoking cannabis.

According to Ananova the band will be appearing on promotional cans of the popular soft drink in the coming months, though no details have been released regarding the value of the sponsorship deal.

“Pepsi have been assured by the band that [the spliff moment] was an isolated, one-off incident,” says a Pepsi spokesperson. “[Pepsi] do not condone the use of drugs but are taking the band at their word. Pepsi has chosen S Club 7 as the new faces of Pepsi as they are huge fans of their musical and performing abilities.”

The group’s statement explains: “It’s going to be weird to open the fridge and see ourselves staring back at us. When we think of the huge music stars who have been involved with them in the past it makes us really excited about the deal.”

This latest sponsorship deal is the latest in a long line of commercial triumphs for S Club uber-manager Simon Fuller, and will coincide with competitions to win S Club 7 CDs and tickets to concerts, as well as a special S Club 7 edition of Channel 5’s ‘Pepsi Chart Show’.