Rickman is being lined up to play the band's manager Simon Fuller...

The much-mooted S CLUB 7 film is becoming ever nearer with the news that celebrated actor ALAN RICKMAN could portray the band’s manager, SIMON FULLER.

Rickman, whose most recent brush with the pop world saw him starring in the video for Texas’ single ‘In Demand’, would be taking up the role played by Richard E Grant in ‘Spiceworld’, the big-screen effort from Fuller’s then charges the Spice Girls.

The £15m movie is said to centre on the band’s May tour and, as with ‘Spiceworld’, will feature a number of cameos. Zoe Ball and Cat Deeley are currently among those being considered.

Meanwhile the band have begun promoting their next single, ‘Don’t Stop Movin”. The track was given its radio premiere this morning on Radio 1 after Saturday’s performance on ‘CD:UK’.

To listen to a clip of the song, which sees S Club 7 take on a disco feel in the vein of ‘Music’ and ‘Vogue’ by Madonna, ‘Step Back In Time’ by Kylie Minogue and ‘Billie Jean’ by Michael Jackson, visit [url=]NMEPOP.COM and look in the Audio section.