A cheeky website offers you the chance to create a story fit for publication in any of Britain's leading red-top newspapers...

This recent speculation about an S Club 7 split has inspired a website to launch a ‘TABLOID BAND SPLIT EXCLUSIVE GENERATOR’ for music fans.

The device, at, requires users to complete a form with categories such as ‘Name of the band you’d like to split up’, ‘Make of car’, ‘Loser indie band’ and ‘Bodily function’. On clicking a button the site generates a story fit for publication in any of Britain’s leading red-top newspapers.

The tongue-in-cheek site is also offering Westlife fans a countdown to the date when Lee from the band will be “too rough looking” to embark on a career as a porn actor, “one of his few options”. Today (January 9) that point is 562 days away.

In 2000 the site was responsible for placing Thom Yorke for sale on ebay, and in 2000 teamed up with NME.COM for and investigation into the [a][/a] single ‘What Makes A Man?’ .