No wonder it took her eight years to make a new album...

SADE, the ’80s coffee-table chanteuse, has revealed her love of cannabis in a tell-all interview to mark her current comeback.

In an interview with The Sunday Times Magazine, the singer revealed that weed is her creative fuel and that she had to give it up when she fell pregnant in 1995.

She said: “I had to stop working because when I work I like to smoke weed and I didn’t want to smoke through the pregnancy.”


Sade also gave details about her highly publicised arrest in 1997. She alleges that the Jamaican policeman who arrested her for a minor traffic infringement “wanted a bribe” which she wouldn?t pay. After she later failed to make a court appearance to answer the charge a warrant was issued for her immediate arrest.

However, Sade promptly left the country and can now not return until 2002. However, her five year-old daughter Ila remains on the island, looked after by relatives.

Sade’s first album in eight years, ‘Lovers Rock’, is reviewed in the NMESOUL section of NME.COM.

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