Sadiq Khan announces new plan to protect London music venues

The new proposals would put the responsibility on developers to properly soundproof properties near venues

Sadiq Khan has announced a new ‘London Plan’ that would protect buildings of cultural importance, including music venues.

The proposals would put the responsibility on developers building residential properties near pubs, clubs or gig venues to properly soundproof the buildings. They would also have to finance the soundproofing themselves.

“Pubs across the capital are often at the heart of our communities or of historic value and should be protected by local authorities in order to protect the capital’s unique character,” Khan said, as DIY reports.


Sadiq Khan London music venues
Ministry Of Sound was hit by noise complaints recently

“That’s why I’ve set out measures in my draft London Plan to protect pubs against redevelopment, ensure they can co-exist peacefully with nearby residential properties and ensure that councils across the capital recognise their importance to the city’s cultural fabric.”

Noise complaints from residents moving into new builds next door to music venues have toured London’s cultural spaces in recent years. The likes of the Bussey Building, The Macbeth, The Troubadour and Ministry Of Sound, amongst others, have all faced issues new to property development in the past.

The onus previously has been on venue owners to foot the bill for noise reduction measures when faced by this problem. If Khan’s proposals are made official, that will no longer be the case.