All Saints to team up with ‘Pure Shores’ and ‘Black Coffee’ producer William Orbit for new album ‘Testament’

The British pop group have reunited with the producer after 18 years

All Saints have confirmed they are working with producer William Orbit on their new album, ‘Testament’.

Orbit produced two of the British girl group’s biggest hits in ‘Pure Shores’ and ‘Black Coffee’ but has not worked with the band in the last 18 years.

Speaking to Dazed, Shaznay Lewis explained that they had never completely lost contact with the producer, having spoken to him “here and there” since working with him. “But Nicole [Appleton] and I ran into William one night, and he was like, ‘I’ve heard you guys are doing new music and shows and it’s going really well, so when are we going to do something again?'” she said. “We were literally like, ‘Okay yeah, let’s do it.'”


Appleton added: “Honestly, it was like working with an old friend. Things just happened really naturally and fell into place.”

Asked if they were apprehensive about working with Orbit again and the pressure of having already made two hits with him, Lewis replied: “I know what you mean, but I hate to think that we could never have gone back in the studio with him because we were too scared. We can’t make another ‘Pure Shores’ – we’d be mad to try.

“But at the end of the day, it’s about evolving. William is someone who’s renowned for a certain sound, so there’s always going to be inflections and reminders of past songs. But as long as what we’re working on now is good, and we all like what we’re creating, it definitely feels right.”

‘Testament’, All Saints’ fifth studio album, is due for release on July 13. It follows their 2016 comeback record ‘Red Flag‘, which was their first album in a decade at the time.