Pepa of Salt ‘N’ Pepa tells Rihanna ‘Love doesn’t hurt’

Rapper relates to RiRi as a domestic violence victim

Pepa of Salt n’ Pepa has said in an interview that ‘love doesn’t hurt’ and that singer Rihanna should take some time out to love herself after the alleged assault by Chris Brown.

Pepa was a victim of domestic violence for ten years at the hands of her ex-husband, Naught By Nature’s Anthony ‘Treach’ Criss, and says that people might think she has a lot of nerve offering advice to Rihanna.

“I know people will say I have a lot of nerve advising her when I stayed with my ex-husband for ten years and suffered abuse, but that’s exactly why I can talk to her. I thought I loved him, but I had to finally realize that wasn’t love. Thankfully, I lived to talk about it, but some women don’t,” she told Essence.


“The photos of Rihanna—that was a beat down,” she said “That’s why it hurts me so much because I know how that feels for a man to beat you down like that. My son is 18, and I don’t even allow him to yell at his 10-year-old sister. I’m breaking the cycle with my kids. I just won’t tolerate it after all I’ve been through.”

Pepa, whose real name is Sandra Denton, also advised Rihanna to consider the message she is sending young girls by taking back Brown.

“At the end of the day, your life is on the line when you’re dealing with abusive men, and your life is more important than any man. Don’t rationalize or internalize abusive behavior because love doesn’t hurt. You are an icon to so many young girls and your actions are telling them you don’t love you enough. Take time out and love yourself and thank God that you survived it.”

–By our New York staff.
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