The best or worst ever? This DJ’s Tomorrowland set has gone viral

"He's like an Andy Kaufman of electronic music or something"

DJ Salvatore Ganacci’s animated set from Tomorrowland Festival has gone viral. Check it out below.

The Bosnian-born Swedish DJ was performing at the Belgian event last week when he took his high-octane, choreographed antics to the stage. While his fans are familiar with his usual moves, a highlight reel of some of his more peculiar moments has gone viral on Twitter – featuring high kicks, handstands, martial arts, interpretive mime dance and some bizarre bird-like vocals.

He also repeatedly told festival-goers to “relax their anus”.


However, his performance has divided opinion across social media – with many predicting that he’s likely to receive a massive increase in bookings as a result of the online sensation.

“I bet Salvatore Ganacci is just trolling and making fun of how DJs act on festivals nowadays, but everyone believes he’s being serious,” wrote one user. “He’s like an Andy Kaufman of electronic music or something.”

Another simply added: “He is just THE WORST.”


Ganacci, real name Emir Kobilić, Jillionaire, Axwell and Ingrosso, Pusha T, Major Lazor and many more.


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