Sam Fender reveals how ‘Dead Boys’ performance stopped man from taking his own life

"He turned the car around and sat on the side of the road for three hours crying"

Sam Fender has revealed how a man halted an attempt to take their own life after hearing the musician play ‘Dead Boys’ on the radio.

The evocative track was released in 2018 and sees the North Shields musician addressing male suicide after the death of two close friends in his home town. While the song has seen Fender garner huge praise for tackling the sensitive issue, he’s now revealed how it actually stopped a fan from taking their own life.

Speaking to NME, he explained how the unnamed fan reconsidered their choice after hearing him discuss the track with BBC Radio 5 live DJ Nihal Arthanayake late last year.


“There was a bloke who was going to kill himself, but he listened to Five Live and turned the car around. He was listening to the interview with me and Nihal and he got in contact afterwards,” Fender told NME. “He’d heard me performing ‘Dead Boys’ and chatting about the song and mental health and not being able to open up about our feelings.”

After hearing the conversation, the man headed home and told his wife how he had contemplated taking his own life.

“He turned the car around and sat on the side of the road for three hours crying,” Fender said. “He went home and told his wife what he was going to do and got help.”

The pair have since met backstage after Fender headlined London’s Electric Brixton in February 2019.

“I met him and we had a big chat together. I had no idea what I was going to say to him because I don’t have any answers or any resolve for him,” Fender added. “It felt very genuine and I was fucking humbled. This is beyond anything I’d ever prepared for, but it’s wonderful. Music is a powerful thing that affects people’s lives and I’m fucking humbled to be a part of it.”


This comes after Fender yesterday released the video for his latest single ‘Hypersonic Missiles‘.

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