Sam Ryder joined by Queen’s Roger Taylor during Eurovision performance

Roger Taylor joined Sam Ryder for a performance of his new song 'Mountain'

Sam Ryder was joined on stage at the Eurovision Song Contest by Queen drummer Roger Taylor during the competition’s grande final.

This year’s instalment of the contest took place in Liverpool. While Ukraine won last year and would normally host under the rules of the competition, the ongoing political conflict meant it was held in the UK, who were runners up last year with Sam Ryder.

However, the opening segment of the final was dedicated to Ukraine, with their 2022 entry Kalush Orchestra opening the contest with an emotive rendition of their winning song, ‘Stefania’.


The opening also saw the band joined by musicians and famous figures from afar. During one segment of the song, it cut to a clip of Ryder playing guitar on the song from on top of Liverpool’s Liver Building.

Other contributions via video included ones from Joss Stone, Miss Banks, Andrew Lloyd Webber and the Princess of Wales, who played piano on the song.

Ryder then later returned to the stage after the finalists to perform his latest single ‘Mountain’ with Taylor making a surprise appearance on drums.

Ryder last joined Queen on stage for a rendition of ‘Somebody To Love’ at the Foo Fighter’s Taylor Hawkins tribute concert. 

You can watch the moment here:


Roger Taylor
Roger Taylor on drums at Eurovision – CREDIT: Getty

Just before Ryder’s performance, Mae Muller closed this year’s contest with the UK entry, ‘I Wrote A Song’.

Bookies favourite Sweden went on to win the competition overall, after earning 583 points from the combined judge and audience voting. The winning entry ‘Tattoo’ was performed by musician Loreen who also won the competition in 2012. She made history with the win, becoming the first woman to win Eurovision twice.

After the jury votes, Sweden stood in first place at 340 points; once combined with the public vote, this increased at 583. Finland and Israel came in second and third place respectively.

Sweden entrant Loreen performing in the grand final for the Eurovision Song Contest - CREDIT: Getty
Sweden entrant Loreen performing in the grand final for the Eurovision Song Contest – CREDIT: Getty

Speaking to NME about her history at Eurovision ahead of the contest, Loreen said: “It started with the song [‘Euphoria’]… It was just an embryo at the time, but I could sense that there was something with this song and me that was going to happen,” she said.

“My initial reaction [to re-entering the competition] was ‘No’ because I’m purpose driven. I have to understand why I do things: ‘Why stand on that stage?’, ‘Do I have anything to say?’ But whenever I said, ‘Maybe I’ll do it’, there was this feeling of positivity in me. The process felt very easy and effortless.”

Explaining the meaning behind ‘Tattoo’, she told NME that the track is one of acceptance, and learning that we have to endure the hardships of reality to fully appreciate the world around us.

“It’s a love song and I let everybody interpret whatever they want,” she explained, “but what I’m trying to say is that there is no day without night, and there is no love without the opposite either. It’s all necessary.

“We tend to think that the grass is greener on the other side but if you want to experience this deep, authentic love, you have to be aware that the struggle needs to be there too. We can’t run off the moment we feel a little bit of pain.”

Mae Muller
Mae Muller at this year’s Eurovision song contest – CREDIT: Getty

The UK’s entry, Mae Martin, closed the performances with her entry, ‘I Wrote A Song‘, but the song failed to win many votes from either the judges or the audience and subsequently finished in second to last place with 24 points.

Elsewhere, the show featured a segment where previous Eurovision contestants paid tribute to Liverpool’s music history during a song medley as well as a special video message from ABBA’s Björn Ulvaeus who paid tribute to Eurovision and its importance in ABBA’s career. 

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