Sam Smith’s pre-fame album ‘Diva Boy’ to be re-released – watch video for ‘Momentarily Mine’

'Sam Smith Diva Boy' is out in September

Sam Smith‘s forgotten ‘debut”‘ album is set to be re-released by a London-based Independent label.

‘Sam Smith Diva Boy’ is said to have been recorded by Smith in 2008 and will now be released by Flipbook Music in September.

‘Momentarily Mine’ will feature on the album, with its video compiling early footage of the Grammy-winning singer. Watch below.


NME has approached a press representative for Smith to shed more light on the record.

A press release about the album reads: “Sam Smith is now a multi award winning and hugely successful global pop-star but it just didn’t happen overnight and without of lot hard work. The young singer- songwriter spent his formative years at Flipbook Music’s West London studios where his undoubtable talent was nurtured and developed over the course of three really fruitful years.”

“The experience and education that he picked up at this time was invaluable and was more than a major step in the development of this unique and talented pop star that we know now.”

Smith is quoted as saying: “I’ve gone on an incredible, incredible journey with the first album, it has given me the ability to learn my art”.

Smith released his debut studio album ‘In The Lonely Hour’ in May 2014, recently speaking to Billboard about its follow-up, which is in the works.


“It’s great,” he said. “It’s really deep (stuff) that’s coming out — that’s all I’ll say. Every day I’m having little epiphanies and changes and loving it. But all I can say is that I’m putting my heart even more out on the line. I’m going even deeper. I can’t believe I’m even doing it, but I’m going even deeper.”

Looking back on ‘In The Lonely Hour’, Smith admitted: “There’s a few songs I really hate, but then the core of the album, songs like ‘Stay With Me’ , ‘I’m Not The Only One’ — actually all the songs except ‘Money On My Mind’ — I really love and I’m really proud of the classic-ness of the way they sound, because I still listen to them now and I still love them. The music I’m making at the moment, it’s very much a beautiful little transition from there and it fits”.