“Jumping into your insecurities can really help”: Sam Smith speaks candidly about battling anxiety

You could say he danced it off

Sam Smith has revealed that he had to overcome “intense” anxiety while filming the music video for his latest single, ‘How Do You Sleep?’.

The 27-year-old singer confessed that performing the video’s dance routines was a “nerve-wracking” experience. “I went to start this choreography and my anxiety like, it was like so intense. I managed to control it and I’m more relaxed today but it’s just really scary,” he said in a new clip that takes viewers behind the scenes of the MV. Check it out here.

Smith also explained that despite his love for it, dance wasn’t something he felt comfortable doing in public. “When I came out with my first record I was so young. I was 20- or 21-years-old and I didn’t feel very comfortable on stage,” he admitted. “The idea of dancing or doing anything like that just would have been too much for me and I never would’ve welcomed the thought.”

Despite his struggles, the pop star also seems to have found a new lease on life. In the behind-the-scenes footage, Smith reassured fans that he has become more comfortable in his own skin ever since coming to terms with his sexuality and gender. “I think I felt this freedom to start moving in a way that’s just more confident… I think jumping into your issues, sometimes, and into your insecurities can really help,” he said.

“I think this is the beginning of me hopefully growing and being more myself than ever before, you know? Something about this video and those days, I felt free. To feel free and to feel no fear is really quite special.”

Smith’s ‘How Do You Sleep?’ is his second single of the year. The song follows January’s ‘Dancing with a Stranger’, his joint release with Fifth Harmony vocalist Normani. These tracks are likely to feature on Smith’s forthcoming studio album, which will be his first full-length since 2017’s ‘The Thrill of It All’.