The pop sensation is left seriously freaked out by a man claiming to be her brother...

SAMANTHA MUMBA has spoken about her terror when a man claiming to be her brother accosted her while she was at a signing session in CORK.

She described how the man, black, in his late-30’s and dressed in a grey suit, pushed his way towards her. “The guy looked like he was in his late 30’s, virtually my dad’s age, and kept shouting to me that he needed to tell me everything, things that I didn’t know.”

The Dublin teen-popper related her ordeal, which happened while she was on a promotional signing tour for her single, ‘Body To Body’ to the Irish press, saying: “I had security with me and they wouldn’t let him near me, but he was so determined and frantic he tried to fight them and push his way towards me. It really, really freaked me out. I was shaking and nearly in tears about it. When I got in the car, he was banging on the window, trying to hand me letters, flowers, teddy bears and really bizarre little things.”


A spokesperson for Samantha’s record company said that the police were not involved in the incident. “She hasn’t been in the country for a while now, and it was a long time ago. She hasn’t been approached again by him. It was a one-off.”

Samantha said the incident left her “pretty frightened” and admitted: “It’s on my mind quite a lot – I haven’t heard about him since then, but I keep thinking the record company is shielding me from it.”