San Francisco band Negativland offer bandmember’s ashes with sales of their new album

Experimental outfit Negativland are offering a rather unique deluxe package for their new record

A San Francisco Bay Area-based band are offering fans the chance to own a portion of their bandmember’s ashes when they buy a copy of their new album.

Negativland, who formed in 1979 in Concord, CA, are offering an unusual package with their latest album, ‘The Chopping Channel‘. The project itself is Volume 9 in the ongoing series of albums edited from their long-running live­mix radio show, Over The Edge.

But this release is particularly significant as, for a limited period, fans have been able to buy the album and also receive two grams of the ashes of their deceased bandmember Don Joyce, who died in July 2015 aged 71. A statement from the band on Boing Boing explains the thinking behind the move.


“In keeping with the album’s theme, and while supplies last, each mail order copy of this new project comes with two very unique extra items: two grams of the actual cremains, or ashes, of deceased Negativland member Don Joyce, and one of Don’s handmade audio tape loop “carts” used in the creation of Over The Edge and Negativland live performances between 1981 and 2015.”

Naturally, demand and media interest in ‘The Chopping Channel’ has been huge, leading to the band having to announce yesterday (October 19) on their Facebook page that they’d “run out” of Mr. Joyce’s remains “at this point.” See the post below.

We made national news! Very nice….

Posted by Negativland on Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Joyce is among three former Negativland member to pass away in the past two years: founding member Ian Allen died in January 2015, while Richard Lyons passed away in April this year. Pitchfork reports that the band have plans for Lyons’ ashes as well, revealing that “before he died, Richard said to us, ‘whatever you do with my ashes, just make sure it’s different from what you are doing with Don’s (he knew what the plan was), and make sure it’s funny.’”