Watch Dave explain difference between grime and rap to Americans

Drake collaborator appears on US radio

Dave – also known as Santan Dave – has explained grime to an American audience.

The London MC and Drake collaborator recently appeared on Ebro In the Morning on Hot 97 in the US when he was asked the difference between grime and rap.

“Grime is its own sound,” Dave explained. “The instrumentation usually dictates it. It’s not limited to one tempo, but it’s mainly at this one tempo. It’s the entire sound in the industry that’s behind it. Basically, like you’d have drill music or trap music… grime has the tempo of 140 bpm, set usually goes up to 144.5, never goes down to 138. It has very grungy basslines, a lot of melody [and] a really hard-hitting sound.”


He continued: “Grime MCs usually have radio sets where they rap and switch instrumentals, when the beat changes they have to catch the drops in. If I’m rapping, there’ll be a beat underneath me, then they’ll change it and I’ll have to catch the drop.”

“There’s a lot more to it,” Dave added. “It’s like a sound, culture, style — the way that they dress and speak. Rap, for me, I go at any tempo and any sound of beat and incorporate melody as well.”

“Grime must be its own genre,” he said when asked if grime was a sub-genre of rap.

Watch below. The grime/rap talk starts at the at the 7.30 mark.

Last October, Drake delivered a guest verse for a remix of Dave’s single ‘Wanna Know’.


Dave also features on Drake’s new album ‘More Life’.

Watch London mayor Sadiq Khan tell NME that grime is “here to stay”:

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