The multiple Grammy-winning guitarist plans a year off so he can stay at home...

CARLOS SANTANA has revealed that he plans to take a year off to focus on fatherhood and being a husband after the multi-platinum success of his ‘SUPERNATURAL’ album.

Speaking backstage at the My VH-1 Music Awards in

Los Angeles, Santana declared that his plans for 2001 are: “Nothing. Just be


daddy/husband for a whole year. Hopefully win the father of the year award next

year. Domestic rhythm is something that’s extremely important to me. I’ve been

married for 27 years and I want to honour it so I’m going to stop for the whole

year. No Santana. No Carlos. Just daddy/husband.”

He did, however, reveal that once he gets back in the saddle, he would like to rope some real rock, pop and soul legends into working on his next album.

“I dream big. I want to work with Mr. Bob Dylan, Mr. Michael Jackson, Prince,


Aretha, Whitney, I dream big, you know. I don’t dream small. Right now I don’t have anything on the table but I do have a lot of songs. I don’t want to fall into a pattern, because it (‘Supernatural’) wasn’t a gimmick or a gadget or

anything like that, it was God’s grace putting it all together. My main goal is still to create that will dismantle violence, hopefully work with other musicians that have that kind of intention.”

‘Supernatural’ featured high-profile collaborations with Eric Clapton, Dave Matthews, Lauryn Hill, Everlast and Matchbox 20 among others, and catapulted Santana back into the spotlight after a quiet couple of decades.

While Santana plays daddy/husband next year, his wife will be working on her memoirs, a factor the guitarist said was a prime consideration in his decision to take a hiatus.

“She’s a writer, I consider her to be a great artist in her own right. So I

wanted to take care of the family so she can have a life and she can also unfold

her own talent. She’s not only my lover and my friend but I feel she’s an

incredible artist and I want to do my best to offer her quality time so she can

finish her book and honour her because she deserves it.”