Prince, Aretha Franklin and Sting are among the names mooted...

Carlos Santana, the resurgent guitarist who has sold almost 20 million copies of album ‘SUPERNATURAL’ on the back of some high-profile collaborations, has given details of the names he hopes to bring to the record’s follow-up.

He has revealed that both Sting and Prince have “shown interest” in working with him, and that he has also Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston in his sights.

The star, who worked with amongst others, Wyclef Jean, Lauryn Hill, Eric Clapton and Matchbox 20’s Rob Thomas on ‘Supernatural’, told [url=] that he has already started work a new track with current tour mate Macy Gray.


“It’s called ‘Gold Digger’,” he said, “It’s really campy because the ladies that sing with her have red wigs and it’s kind of ’70s campy stuff.”

Santana added that he’ll return to the studio to begin sessions for the album in May, following a complete break starting in October.

‘Supernatural’ returned to the UK top 10 this week at number 10, some 31 weeks after its initial release.

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