Santigold names new album

'Master of My Make-Believe' follows her 2008 debut

Santigold has revealed that her new album will be called ‘Master of My Make-Believe’.

Speaking to V Magazine, she also explained that she has worked with Greg Kurstin, Switch, Dave Sitek and Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs on the record.

Part of the album was recorded in Jamaica. “I’m really hands-on with everything. It’s the difference between an artist and a plain pop star, right?,” said the singer. Of the album title, Santigold said:

My record is called Master of My Make-Believe because I want it to be about creating your own reality. I have a song called ‘The Keepers’: ‘we’re the keepers, while we sleep in America our house is burning down.’.

Last April Santigold posted her duet with Yeah Yeah Yeahs singer Karen O online. The track was titled ‘Go’ – scroll down and click below to view it.

‘Go’ was thought to be the first release from the singer’s second album, which was originally supposed to be out last year and titled ‘American Dreaming’. There is no word on whether ‘Go’ will be included on ‘Master of My Make-Believe’.

‘Master of My Make-Believe’ will be her first album under the name Santigold, having called herself Santogold during the promotion of her debut album, which came out in 2008.