Santogold re-works ‘Unstoppable’ at Coachella

Mark Ronson collaborator packs Gobi tent at festival

Santogold packed out the Gobi Tent tonight (April 25) at the Coachella festival in California, and treated the audience to a re-worked version of her track ‘Unstoppable’.

Opening with ‘You’ll Find A Way’, the Mark Ronson collaborator tore through eight songs during her 40-minute set.

Wearing a short patterned jumpsuit and red fishnet tights, she was flanked either side throughout by a pair of choreographed dancers/backing singers.

“How you doin’ today?”, Santi White greeted the audience. “You been hot? Well, it’s cool in here now! You’ve got no excuse, so I wanna see some asses shaking!”

Watched by Har Mar Superstar and Vampire Weekend, the Brooklyn-based singer dedicated ‘Anne’ to “my special friend in Spank Rock who gave me lots of names for drugs I’d never even heard of! Does anyone know what ‘Jesus Pieces’ are?”

The singer was clearly thrilled to play a set in front of the packed tent, telling the crowd: “I wish you guys were up here with me! It’s so big!”

Santogold played:

‘You’ll Find A Way’

‘L.E.S. Artistes’

‘Say Aha’

‘Shove It’





–By our New York staff.

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