Sault leader and Little Simz collaborator Inflo on plans to introduce base rate and royalty for young UK producers

“Everyone agrees no young or upcoming producers should be exploited"

London producer Inflo has announced the launch of a new campaign aimed at setting a base rate and royalty structure for new and emerging producers in the UK music industry.

Teaming up with artist manager Nathan Burke, Inflo’s partner at the Forever Living Originals label, the campaign was announced in a statement published on his Instagram.

“Nathan & I have been on a mission to introduce a base rate and royalty for young producers in the UK,” he wrote. “This will ensure young producers are protected on any major label releases and have a code of conduct to go by.”


He continued: “Everyone agrees no young or upcoming producers should be exploited, and the artist shouldn’t have to give up any further royalty share than they already have been. Most young producers, especially young black producers, come into the business really pure, with friends as management and no real guidance, protection or understanding.

“They’re often eager for placements and would sign without fully understanding contracts, in desperation of life-changing opportunities. I honestly feel most of us have come into the music business to make it a better place creatively and economically, for the opportunity to leave a legacy that our children and children’s children can be proud of.”

According to the statement, Inflo has already “been having conversations with producers, artists, labels and lawyers to see what that rate can be”, with hopes that this could ultimately change the way producers are paid.

Known for his work with Little Simz, Adele and Cleo Sol among others, Inflo recently lead the nominations for this year’s Ivor Novello Awards, which honour outstanding songwriting and composition.

Inflo – real name Dean Josiah Cover – also earned the BRIT Awards’ Producer Of The Year title in February.


Last year, Little Simz spoke about her working relationship with Inflo, stating that their “chemistry is just unmatched”.

“That’s my G, bro,” Simz said of Inflo. “Our chemistry is just unmatched. We really understand each other in the studio. It’s a trust thing as well: when you go into making an album with someone, there has to be a high level of trust because it’s not going to be an easy ride.

She continued: “He trusts my ear and I trust his; we push each other. We’re also both fearless where there is no boundary or no limit of what we can try in the studio. There’s just the freedom to create and if it works, sick, but I think having the space to try new things is what I love most about working with ‘Flo.”