It could mean the end of the band - say it ain't so...

SAVAGE GARDEN’s DARREN HAYES has been telling NME.COM about his solo album – as the band appear to be grinding to a halt.

Recently fellow Gardener Daniel Jones has taken a back seat from promotional duties, leaving Hayes to promote Savage Garden records alone. As Darren explains: “As a band we’re going to take a break for a few years, actually,” he says. “I’ve pretty much got a record, writing wise, in the can.”

He continues: “I’m going to put out a solo record next year – I can’t wait to get into the studio. It’s going to be February-time when I go in. Some will be recorded in the UK, but I try not to think too far in advance.”


He adds: “It’s yet to be determined in terms of its production, and a lot of it is in the production. In terms of me, wanting to come here to England, it’s really electronics people… I’ve been interested in electronic and ambient music more than in the way Savage Garden’s records are produced. It’s acoustic with an electronic atmosphere.”

Savage Garden will be returning to the UK for dates in December; the single ‘Hold Me’ is expected to chart on Sunday (20 November).

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