Savage Garden aren’t happy with new London bar Savage Garden

The band don't seem too willing to share their name

Savage Garden are not happy with Savage Garden, a new London bar that shares the Australian band’s name.

The Queensland duo comprised of Darren Hayes and Daniel Jones formed in 1994. They released two studio albums in their 1997 self-titled debut and 1999’s ‘Affirmation‘, and scored their biggest UK hits with singles ‘To The Moon And Back’ and ‘Truly Madly Deeply’.

Sharing a link to an article about the new venue on Twitter, the band wrote: “Yo @Gorgeous_Group – did ya do a basic google search to see if the name Savage Garden had been used in a pretty public and global commercial way before you named your bar the same name?”


In a follow-up tweet, they wrote: “Hey @SavagegardenLDN you guys massive fans of our band?”

Twitter users began to respond to the post, undermining the group’s implied argument. “‘Savage garden’ is a reference to a very famous novel,” one pointed out, referring to the book The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice, which features a concept called the Savage Garden. 

Another asked: “Did you do a quick google and discover that the bar is located opposite a street called… wait for it… Savage Gardens…” Someone else added: “I hope you’re not actually considering suing over a name that you also took from another source. Cmon now.”


Savage Garden split up in 2001. Darren Hayes has released four solo albums since, including his latest, 2011’s ‘Secret Codes And Battleships‘.