Savages say they’re working on a ‘hard, heavy, beast of a record’

Singer Jehnny Beth discusses band's follow-up to 2013 debut in new interview

Savages have offered an update on their upcoming second album, which they are currently recording.

The London-based fourpiece released their debut album ‘Silence Yourself’ in May 2013, with the LP subsequently nominated for that year’s Barclaycard Mercury Prize.

Having already shared possible song titles online, singer Jehnny Beth has now spoken to SPIN about their progress on the record.

Beth describes the album, which SPIN claim will be released “sometime later this year or very early next”, as harsher in tone that its predecessor. “Our intention was to make a hard record. Something very heavy,” the singer is quoted as saying. She added: “It’s like a beast, this record.”

The band are a few weeks into recording the album at RAK studios in west London, which, Beth claims, is haunted by a ghost from a boys’ school previously located at the property.

The songs, however, were written at a friend’s studio elsewhere in the area. “It was in a very posh area, with houses that Robert Plant and everyone lived in, so it had this background that was glamorous and romantic. It was refreshing,” Beth said. That studio, however, has since closed due to rising rent prices in the city. “It’s really sad, the place where we wrote things, where we’ve been creative, it’s just going to be a posh flat,” Beth continued. “That’s the situation, the context, of the record.”

Beth added: “It’s unclear what will make it onto the record. When we finished touring, there were a series of different things we wanted to try. I knew I wanted to have different intentions behind it. After touring for two years meeting different people, you compile things. I wanted to use different kinds of positive words and negative words about how power interacts, sexual connotations as well, and abstract things.”

Savage previewed a new track called ‘Adore’ during their show at New York’s Mercury Lounge in March.

Meanwhile, it was recently reported that The Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas has been working with Savages on new music, with the singer due to “duet” on a song with Beth.