Josh Homme and Savages discuss new album and concept of love in joint interview

Queens Of The Stone Age man interviews London band for Magnet Magazine

Queens Of The Stone Age frontman Josh Homme has interviewed Savages for a US magazine.

Homme recently spoke to the band for Magnet Magazine following Savages’ recent second album release. Savages released new album ‘Adore Life’ last month (January 22).

In an excerpt from the interview published online, Homme asks if the band’s singer Jehnny Beth if she regards love as “a treatable mental illness?” or “a maze that one can be trapped in”. Beth replies: “Both. Definitely… Love is a slippery thing, yeah.”


Bassist Ayse Hassan adds: “The record kind of represents all the sections that love can be. It can fuck you up, it can be amazing. I think everyone experiences love in such a different way. Even the love that fucks you up, you can get so much from, and that can really shape you. With this record, especially with the lyrics, it reflects the sections of how love can be on so many levels.”

NMENME/Jenn Five

Beth continues: “It’s kind of a psychotic record in the way that it goes through very extreme moods, as well as the opposite. It looks to the future of how love can be one day and the freedom of that.”

Drummer Faye Milton goes on to describe the concepts of love and hate as “so close, it’s like laughter and crying. They both contain each other, I think.”

“I think in Savages we’ve always been interested in bringing opposites together, sound-wise,” Beth says. “Using that element of surprise, like true love sounds quiet or life and death. Bringing extremes together and seeing the collision it creates.”

Read an extended excerpt from the interview at the Magnet website.

Savages recently released a statement about their new album, the follow-up to 2013 debut ‘Silence Yourself’. It reads: “It’s about change and the power to change. It’s about metamorphosis and evolution. It’s about sticking to your guns and toughing it out. It’s about now, not tomorrow. It’s about recognising your potential. It’s about self-doubt and inaction. It’s about you. It’s about me. It’s about you and me and the others. It’s about the choices we make. It’s about finding the poetry and avoiding the cliché.”