Scissor Sisters get banned

Branches of US chain boycott album

Scissor Sisters album ‘Ta-Dah’ has been been banned from a number of US stores.

The boycott comes after singer Jake Shears critised the pricing policy of his new record, which is top of the UK charts.

Trans World, which run more than 800 stores including Sam Goody, FYE, Coconuts and others, pulled ’Ta- Dah’ after Shears spoke out about the company’s CD prices.


In the middle of the band’ set at the National Association of Recording Merchandisers convention Shears sang: “I have a little F.Y.I/ Your CD prices are too high”.

According to the New York Post, Shears was reacting to the price Trans World was charging for The Raconteurs album ‘Broken Boy Soldiers’.

‘Ta-Dah’ itself was being sold for $28.99.

Trans World president Jim Litwak told MTV that he felt the company was owed an apology.

However the band’s manager Neil Harris said: “We’re not trying to start a war or inflame anyone, but there’s a lot of love out there for the Scissor Sisters and we seem to be going in the right direction without Trans World’s help.”

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