Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears: ‘There have been crappy songs on each of our old albums’

But singer says new LP 'Magic Hour' is their 'best album'

Scissor Sisters singer Jake Shears has admitted that there have been a couple of “pretty crappy” songs on each of their previous albums.

Speaking to The Sun, the frontman claimed that there had been tracks on their 2004 self-titled debut, 2006’s ‘Ta-Dah’ and 2010’s ‘Night Work’ that hadn’t been up to scratch, but insisted that their new record ‘Magic Hour’ is their “best album”.

Speaking about the band’s fourth studio album, which is released on May 28 and features collaborations with the likes of Pharrell Williams, Diplo, Azealia Banks, Calvin Harris and Boys Noize’s Alex Ridha, he said:

I’m very critical of our own stuff, but song for song, this is our best album. On our prior records there are two songs on each of them that I think are pretty crappy. I truly love all of the songs on this record. I’m super-proud of it.

Shears also revealed that the band had changed their approach in the studio for recording sessions on the LP, revealing: “There were a lot of people around in the studio. I had never liked having more than three people in a room when we were writing.

“I’d get really cagey and I didn’t like anybody listening to what we were doing but I got over that on this record,” he added. “You have to be confident and fearless in front of people and that’s a positive. You want to impress them.”

Yesterday (May 18), Scissor Sisters paid tribute to late disco singer Donna Summer in a video interview with NME, which you can watch by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking. You can also see the video for their single ‘Only The Horses’ by clicking below.