Noel Gallagher makes up with Scissor Sisters

Ana Matronic plays peacemaker

Noel Gallagher has made up with Scissor Sisters after a backstage meeting with the group’s singer Ana Matronic.

Oasis guitarist Gallagher was quoted as saying the band’s music was for “squares” – but when Matronic saw her adversary at the BRIT Awards earlier this year, she turned on the charm.

She told Metro: “We share the same security company, so when I heard they were hanging out backstage I marched straight up to Noel, pinched him on the cheek and gave him a big hug. If someone says something bad about Scissor Sisters I don’t engage them in an argument but try to kill them with kindness and make them love me. Noel referred to me as a ‘top bird’ to a mutual acquaintance.

“He was very nice, as was Liam.”

And Matronic also revealed she bonded with one of the Gallagher brothers’ Beatles heroes when the band played Live8 in July 2005.

She recalled: “I saw Sir Paul McCartney walk by and thought: ‘Now’s my chance,’ and said: ‘Excuse me, Sir Paul, could I…?’ But before I could ask, he asked me for my autograph. He was collecting them on his programme for his grandson, I think. It was mind-blowing for a Beatle to be asking me for my autograph.”