Scissor Sisters singer hits out at homophobic attack

Ana Matronic: 'I am horrified and disgusted'

Scissor Sisters singer Ana Matronic has spoken out against the “lenient” sentence given to a gang who carried out a homophobic attack on two British friends.

Nina Meffen and Carol Cashmore were attacked by two teenage girls and a man in Southampton in July last year, leaving Meffen requiring reconstructive surgery.

Although the two 18 year olds pleaded guilty to the charge of affray, all three attackers escaped a prison sentence.

Ana Matronic met Cashmore at Glastonbury Festival in 2004 and the two have remained in regular contact since then.

Speaking to the Southern Daily Echo newspaper, Matronic condemned the attack saying: “I am really horrified and disgusted that, in particular, the one person who instigated this attack did not get sent to jail.”

She added: “She seems like a true menace and someone who is quite capable of doing this type of thing again.”