The sold-out crowd in London join the band in getting dressed up for the occassion...

Scissor Sisters fans turned the band’s HALLOWEEN gig in LONDON last night (October 31) into a massive fancy dress party.

The request to glam up for the evening was heeded by the majority of the sell-out crowd at Brixton Academy. With it being Halloween, there were a host of ghosts, skeletons and devils, but many ignored the horror theme – NME.COM spotted doctors,angels, bears, gorillas, robots, a Ghostbuster and Homer Simpson among the throng.

The band themselves got into the spirit, dressing up as characters from their favourite movie ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’, while gravestones with the group members’ names on them adorned the stage.


The punters, who appropriately included ‘Shaun Of The Dead’ stars Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson, were treated to a hit-laden set from the band, kicking off with ‘Laura’ and featuring the staples there were the hit of the summer festivals – ‘Tits On The Radio’, ‘Take Your Mama Out’ and their cover of [url=]Pink Floyd’s ‘Comfortably Numb’.

The setlist was: ‘Laura’

‘Better Luck Next Time’

‘Lovers In The Backseat’

‘Tits On The Radio’




‘Forever Right Now’

‘Rock My Spot’


‘Comfortably Numb’


‘Return To Oz’

‘It Can’t Come Quickly Enough’

‘Saturday Night’

‘Take Your Mama’

‘Music Is The Victim’

[a][/a] play the same venue again tonight, as well as Tuesday (November 2) and Thursday (4). All shows are sold out.