Second album coming along nicely, thanks to their friendship with Ms Minogue…

SCISSOR SISTERS have already started writing the follow up to their self-titled debut and frontman JAKE SHEARS revealed he’s taken inspiration from an Aussie pop princess.

The New York combo recently wrote ‘I Believe in You’, for Kylie Minogue, and it helped them generate material for the Sisters’ second album, which they hope to release in Autumn 2005.

“Writing for Kylie Minogue and preparing for that, you just come up with a bunch of stuff that works even better for you,” Shears told NME.COM. “That was a great opportunity for us to get a lot of ideas out and we came up with some really great choruses. There’s lots of bits and parts that I think are really great.”


Though the band recently added new song ‘Forever Right Now’ to their live set, Shears said penning tracks while on tour has been difficult.

“You’re picking up a guitar and taking it on the road – it’s a lot easier said than done. [but] we’ve written some great things this summer,” he said. “There’s some stuff that’s almost finished.”

Fans will be able to hear some of the new material as well as some cover songs when Scissor Sisters kick off their biggest UK tour to date this month. The families of Shears and Babydaddy financed the Sisters’ debut, and this tour will give them the opportunity to say thank you.

“My parents are coming out. They’re following us around for a week,” Shears said. “They’re coming to the Royal Albert Hall show. My parents have been so ecstatic and happy, so it’s been paying them back in other ways.”