Scissor Sisters reveal all about new album

Ana Matronic spills the beans

Scissor Sisters have revealed details of their much anticipated second album, which is expected to be released later this year.

Ana Matronic confirmed reports that the band had enlisted the help of some famous friends.

Elton John does play piano on the song ‘I Can’t Decide’. And Babydaddy, over the course of the last tour and a few months after that, was teaching himself to play the banjo,” she told BBC 6 Music.

She also revealed that David Bowie’s former guitarist Carlos Alomar features on the new album.

Of new song ’Paul McCartney’, Matronic said: “(Jake Shears) wrote in a dream, which is quite nice. It was a really amazing dream that he had about Paul McCartney, so it’s definitely a homage. But it doesn’t sound like any Paul McCartney song I’ve heard.”

She also discussed the inter-band creative tensions: “I wouldn’t say there are fights, but I don’t think that our band would really exist without tension built into it. I think that’s what really makes it work.”

As previously reported on NME.COM, the band debuted many of their new songs at the close of this year’s Coachella festival.