‘Trannie-hookers’, midgets, and Jake Shears being spanked – NME.COM joins in the fun...

SCISSOR SISTERS have been caught in the middle of the most debauched and depraved night of excess this year which saw band members being spanked, ridden by a midget, and exposed to a vast array of breasts and sex toys.

New York’s glam-disco troupe are set to release their most controversial video yet for the forthcoming single ‘Filthy Gorgeous’, which singer Ana Matronic has described as “a party in my pants – not everyone’s invited but everyone’s definitely coming”.

Directed by James Cameron Mitchell and shot in The Zipper Theatre in New York’s Garment District, the new promo shows the band living it up in a steamy nightclub.

“We knew some of the stuff was going to be shocking,” Matronic told NME.COM. “We wanted it to be honest. The song is about trannie hookers on acid so what the fuck do you want?”

As NME.COM went to press an edited ‘Gorgeous’ version of the video was waiting to see whether or not even [I]it would be allowed on the music television playlists during the day.

The ‘Filthy’ edit, seen here, is expected to be only allowed for screening after the watershed.

‘Filthy Gorgeous’ is released on January 10. For more pictures from the video, see this week’s NME, which is out now.