Scissor Sisters head to the jungle

The band reveal all about second album

Scissor Sisters are set to make a quicker than expected return with their second album – which will feature Elton John.

The band, who previewed a host of new songs when they visited the UK for the V Festival and Ana Matronic’s secret birthday gig in London last year say that recording is preceding extremely well.

Elton John has been to the band’s New York studio to play on the record the group are producing themselves, though the Sisters have recruited a whole host of guests to feature on the album.


“The group are currently aiming to have finished in time for a late spring release,” explained a source close to the band, adding that the Sisters have had several adventures between sessions.

The insider claimed the following has happening during the process of making the record:

“Jamming in a Central American jungle with people who have spent time in a studio with Def Leppard, Elton (John) coming by to make tea and lay down some mean Bo Diddley grooves, picking banjos above a hair extension parlor, employing a 25-piece choir comprised solely of unemployed Brooklyn haircutters, a famous glam rock figure (or two) wondering just what they can buy at the Jamaican grocery downstairs and plenty of swimming with and jumping sharks.”

On a another note, the insider added that the recorded tracks are sounding good but will surprise some of the band’s fans.

“The songs still sound like old friends,” they explained, “but perhaps a slightly different set of friends than you had round the last time.”

Songs believed to be under consideration include ‘Can’t Decide’, ‘Hybrid’, ‘Other Side’, ‘Cher Baby’ and ‘Paul McCartney’, while ‘Everybody Wants’, which the band debuted onstage at Live 8, is also set to feature.


At present a final release date is yet to be confirmed but it’s expected the band will return to live action this summer, with this year’s festivals not out of the question.


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