Scissor Sisters close Coachella in style

But cast doubt on the festival's future

The Scissor Sisters have closed Coachella 2006 by giving fans a preview of their second album tonight (April 30).

The New Yorkers brought a carnival air to the West Coast bash as they mixed favourites including ‘Take Your Mama Out’ and ‘Laura’ with songs expected to feature on their forthcoming record including ‘Paul McCartney’.

However speaking from the stage singer Ana Matronic appeared to cast doubt on the festival’s future.

“We could be one of the last bands to play Coachella, on this site” she declared. “They’ve lost the lease on this site, have you heard that? So we need to dance on some graves tonight.”

Festival spokesman Mitch Schneider dismissed Matronic’s concerns, telling NME.COM the question mark over Coachella‘s lease was “just a rumor, it’s not true at all”.

The possible cloud over the festival’s future did not however dampen this year’s climax as Tool returned to the Main Stage for the first time since they played the inaugural Coachella in 1999.

With a robust set, Maynard James Keenan’s men repeated the evening’s new material theme as they used the opportunity to showcase tracks from their new record ’10,000 Days’.

Earlier, the evening session of Coachella’s last day got underway with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs fleshing out their new album ’Show Your Bones’ on the Main Stage with tracks including ‘Cheated Hearts’ and ‘Gold Lion’ alongside older crowd pleasers including a electrifying version of ’Maps’.

Over in the Mojave tent Editors managed to defy the undoubted draw of Madonna by playing to a packed crowd who lapped up the likes of ’All Sparks’, ’Blood’ and new song ’Bones’.

Acknowledging the draw of the singer who made her festival debut at the same time in the neighbouring Sahara tent, Editors’ frontman Tom Smith encouraged the crowd to quieten down so they could they could have a “Madonna listen” which drew a loud chorus of boos so the band launched into ’Munich’ instead.

“It was at that point we decided to drop the ’Holiday’ cover,” Smith joked with NME.COM after coming off stage. “I was surprised, I wanted to see Madonna myself.”

On the Main Stage Bristolian trip hop veterans Massive Attack played a greatest hits set.

Joined by Cocteau Twins vocalist Elizabeth Fraser and reggae stalwart Horace Andy, before the band concluded their set with ’Unfinished Sympathy’ which sent the Californian crowd into rapture.

The Go! Team added some DIY charm to proceedings on the Outdoor Theatre Stage with a frantically paced set, while Swedish rocker Dungen delivered a slice of psychedelic bliss ahead of Art Brut’s finale in the Mojave tent.

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