Elton John nixes original third Scissor Sisters album

Elton vetos first follow up to 'Ta-Dah'

Elton John told the Scissor Sisters that their proposed third album wasn’t up to scratch – causing the band to rewrite and record the entire album.

The initial follow up to 2006’s ‘Ta-Dah’ was played to Elton by the band’s guitarist, reports The Sunday Times.

“We had a whole album of material but we just weren’t sure we believed in it,” says frontman Jake Shears.


Babydaddy played it to Elton John, and next thing I get a call from Elton. He just says, ‘This isn’t it, this isn’t the record. It’s just not right.’ So I went to Berlin and pressed the reset button. I had to be by myself, and dream, be sexy and, you know, be bad.”

‘Night Work’, the Scissor SistersStuart Price produced version of the third album – which features a spoken word cameo from Sir Ian McKellen – is set for release on June 28.