‘Scissors, scissors!”: Noel Gallagher mobbed by fans after Jools Holland performance

"The car got surrounded by a load of geezers going 'SCISSORS! SCISSORS!'

Noel Gallagher has revealed how he was mobbed by fans in Manchester after a performance on Jools Holland that saw a member of his band playing scissors.

Despite receiving a mixed reception from both fans and brother Liam, Noel described the performance of bandmate Charlotte Marionneau as “the greatest thing” he’s ever seen. 

It now seems like he’s certainly not the only one to think so, after he revealed how fans approached his car to praise the performance as he headed out for a night in Manchester recently.


“I was in Manchester the other night,” he told the BBC.

“I’m going out with my friends and we’re in a car going up towards King Street and the car stops at the traffic lights. I was in the front seat and the car got surrounded by a load of geezers going [chants] ‘SCISSORS! SCISSORS!’

“So I don’t care about the reaction. She’s in the band and that’s the end of it.”

He also revealed that Charlotte is responsible for a spoken word section in new single ‘It’s A Beautiful World’, which is delivered in French.

“I don’t speak French” he said.


“The French gigs are gonna be amazing… and a couple in Canada. Apart from that everyone else will be baffled!”

Meanwhile, Noel recently invited Kanye West to collaborate with him, admitting that he finds the rapper “fascinating”.

“If you’re watching, Kanye, and you can to put a little rap on it, be my guest,” he said.