Serbia triumph at Eurovision

But Scooch fail to turn round UK fortunes

Serbia were named winners of the Eurovision Song Contest last night (May 12), as the UK suffered another humiiating defeat.

Singer Marija Serifovic became the country’s first Eurovision winner with the ballad ‘Molitva’, beating Ukranian drag act Verka Serduchka into second place.

But it was a different story for British entrants Scooch, who finished second from bottom with camp pop song ‘Flying The Flag’ with just 19 points, compared to Serbia‘s winning 268.

Scooch singer Caroline Barnes told the BBC: “I have to say I laughed so much (that) I cried during the voting. I’m not gutted. I don’t want to say it was expected, but you know what Eurovision is like.”

Only the Irish entry polled lower at the ceremony in Finnish capital Helsinki, following last year’s victory for flambouyant metal band Lordi.

The host nation kept up the hard rock theme with a half-time performance from Apocalyptica, the Metallica tribute band who play instrumental versions of the band’s hits on cellos.

The UK last won Eurovision in 1997, with ‘Love Shine A Light’, performed by Katrina and the Waves. Early rumours that Morrissey would represent the UK this year ended up coming to nothing.