Scott Hutchison’s brother and Frightened Rabbit bandmate shares powerful message on mental health

This is Grant's first interview since Scott's death

Frightened Rabbit drummer Grant Hutchison has spoken out about raising awareness of depression and mental health following the death of his brother and bandmate Scott. Watch his interview below.

Hutchison died last month after taking his own life following a battle with depression. Now in his first interview since his brother’s passing, Grant Hutchison has told Planet Radio about people being more open about what they’re going through.

“One of the main things about this is to realise and understand that this is not just Scott,” said Grant. “Anyone can go through things like this. Yes, there are certain triggers and certain people who may be more susceptible to it but there are no rules. Mental illness isn’t something that anyone’s immune to.

“So one person’s life who works in a supermarket or is a joiner or who works at a radio station is just as important as a singer in a band.”

Grant continued: “Unfortunately one of the thoughts I’ve had to deal with and think through is ‘what could I have done?’ It’s not something that I carry forever or that’s really a weight on me, but it’s obviously something that’s going to cross my mind.

“I guess the main thing I’m taking from that is that maybe at the time I wasn’t educated enough – I’m still not. I’m not saying that in the past month I’ve learned everything that there is to learn; that’s impossible. Not knowing enough is probably my biggest regret.

“It’s not something I’ve suffered from in the same way as Scott. It’s always hard for me to empathise with that lack of experience and without having gone through it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help. I’m not saying I didn’t help him, because I know I did – but I think education and speaking about it to people who don’t know about it is an important thing.”

Frightened Rabbit's Scott Hutchison
Frightened Rabbit’s Scott Hutchison

Speaking to NME about being more open about mental health a few months before his death, Scott Hutchison said: “I hate the idea that opening up is in any way emasculating. Even if it fucking is, who cares? It’s good to lay yourself a bit bare, and you’ll feel a bit better for it. But don’t think we’re all the way there yet. Not enough is moving forward for us up to this point. And that’s one of those things that you’d expect to be progressing a lot faster. But there’s sometimes regression in these things, and I don’t really understand that. It’s hard when men should be at their most open but are clamming up again or taking objection to the way that they see the gender discussions going.

“Now is the time for men to be as gentle and open and emotionally fluent as they can be, I suppose.”

Frightened Rabbit have been asking fans to donate to the Scottish Association For Mental Health in Hutchison’s memory.