Listen as Scott Walker announces new album

‘The Childhood Of A Leader’ is the soundtrack to film from a Sartre story

Scott Walker releases new album ‘The Childhood Of A Leader’ on August 19.

The album is the soundtrack to a new film about the signing of the Treaty Of Versailles, which was signed in 1919 following World War I. It’s based on a short story by Jean-Paul Sartre.

The album is Walker’s first soundtrack work since he composed the score for French drama ‘Pola X’ in 1999, which starred Guillame Depardieu. His new album sees him work again with co-producer Peter Walsh and his musical director Mark Warman, who conducts an orchestra of 46 string players and a 16-piece brass section.

The score for the album was first performed live in February with a 74-piece orchestra at Rotterdam Film Festival.

The album is available on clear vinyl as well as CD and download and includes ‘New Dawn’, which was composed for a scene later cut from the film. The movie is made by first-time director Brady Corbet.

Since Walker’s most recent album ‘Bish Bosch’ in 2012, Walker has also released joint album ‘Soused’ in 2014 with Sunn O)))).

The tracklisting for ‘The Childhood Of A Leader’ is as follows:
‘Orchestral Tuning Up’
‘Dream Sequence’
‘Village Walk’
‘Down The Stairs’
‘Up The Stairs’
‘The Letter’
‘Cutting Flowers’
‘Boy, Mirror, Cars Arriving’
‘Third Tantrum’
‘Printing Press’
‘On The Way To The Meeting’
‘The Meeting’
‘Post Meeting’
‘New Dawn’