Screaming Trees to release ‘lost’ album

Legendary Seattle group to make 'Last Words: The Final Recordings' available to download

American grunge band Screaming Trees are set to release their ‘lost’ album ‘Last Words: The Final Recordings’, 11 years after it was recorded.

The legendary Seattle band, who were fronted by Isobel Campbell collaborator Mark Lanegan – pictured – made their last LP in late 1999 but were released from their label before they could put it out. Those final sessions were financed by the band and produced by drummer Barrett Martin. The studio tapes were never mixed or released and gathered dust for more than a decade.

Late last year Martin found the two-inch reels and had them restored and transferred to digital. The final Screaming Trees album is now set for release on August 2 as a digital download. A CD and vinyl version of the album will appear shortly after.

Screaming Trees played their final concert in front of 20,000 people at the Seattle Memorial Stadium on June 20, 2000.


The tracklisting for ‘Last Words: The Final Recordings’ is:

‘Ash Gray Sunday’
‘Door Into Summer’
‘Black Rose Way’
‘Tomorrow Changes’
‘Low Life’
‘Anita Grey’
‘Last Words’