Seal sexual battery investigation dropped

Los Angeles County District Attorney's office cite a "lack of witnesses or evidence to corroborate allegations"

An investigation into allegations of sexual battery against Seal has been dropped, according to reports.

In January, the singer was accused of groping an actress during a visit to his home. He denied the claims at the time.

Actress Tracey Birdsall alleged that Seal “lunged at her” in his kitchen and “forced himself” on her, “attempting to kiss” her.


Birdsall claimed that Seal then began “to belittle her for what she was wearing – insinuating she was asking for it – and he began to grope her breasts’”.

After the incident, Birdsall said that she sat with him “in shock” on his couch before he “groped her again” and made fun of the white shorts that she was wearing.

Seal dismissed Birdsall’s claims as “false allegations” and “vehemently denied” them. His representatives stated that he intended to “vigorously defend himself” against the allegations.

Now, TMZ reports that the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office has rejected the criminal case, citing a “lack of witnesses or evidence to corroborate allegations”.

Seal denied sexual battery accusations

Birdsall was neighbours with Seal in 2016.


She reported the singer to police in Los Angeles after she noticed that he had accused Oprah Winfrey of knowing about Harvey Weinstein’s sexual offences in a damning Instagram post.

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