Sean Lennon sued by Marisa Tomei’s parents over a tree ‘destroying’ their home

Couple want $10m in dispute over tree in Lennon's garden

Sean Lennon is being sued for $10 million (£6.5m) by actor Marisa Tomei’s parents who claim a tree in Lennon’s garden is “destroying” their Manhattan home.

Gary and Addie Tomei have claimed that in the six years since Lennon purchased the property next to them, on West 13th Street in New York’s Greenwich Village, he has refused to cut down a tree in his front yard that is destroying their home – despite numerous requests from the couple.

They said the 60-foot-high ailanthus tree has “compromised the basement wall and interior” of their home, “[causing] irreparable damage to the structural integrity of the building”, the New York Daily News reports. They added that all 14 doors in the home are unable to close because of the damage.

They are now suing for $10 million in damages, as well as demanding that the tree be removed, maintaining that they have unsuccessfully been trying to contact the musician for a year. “He refuses to do anything. He’s owned it for six years and neglected it. I like him personally, but he’s stubborn and he has a lawyer who is very belligerent,” Gary Tomei said.

Sean Lennon has yet to respond to this lawsuit.

Meanwhile, it was revealed last month that Fat White Family have been using John Lennon’s old Beatles equipment while working on their second album at his son Sean’s recording studio in New York. The south London band’s new album is being co-produced by Lennon after the band met him at a performance at SXSW last year.