Seattle rapper claims that Secret Service searched his home after posting anti-Trump tweets

"I didn’t threaten the president", the rapper claims.

Seattle rapper Chino’o Capo Gaddafi – real name Guled Diriye – posted anti-Trump messages on social media while promoting a new track which has allegedly led to the Secret service searching his mother’s home.

The rapper, a Somali immigrant that performs as a member of local rap group Malita MaliMob, said that the Secret Service visited last Tuesday (January 30).

Speaking about his social media posts, Diriye said to the Seattle Times: “I didn’t threaten the president, I didn’t say I was going to kill the president”.

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As reported, one Secret Service member left a handwritten note with their contact details to the organisation’s field office. The rapper wasn’t at his mother’s house at the time of the search. His mother, who runs a daycare in the house, protested the officer’s intrusion but eventually allowed them to enter.

See the Seattle rapper’s tweet below.

Meanwhile, Snoop DoggCherCardi B, and 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton read excerpts from the anti-Trump book Fire And Fury during a sketch at the 2018 Grammy Awards.

The skit saw the big names “auditioning” to record the audiobook version of the book, in preparation for being nominated at next year’s event.

In other anti-Trump news, Piers Morgan’s interview with Trump has been given the Simpsons’ “steamed hams” tribute by one Twitter user