Lou Barlow discusses Sebadoh reformation

It's not for the money

Recently reformed indie icons Sebadoh are reissuing several of their albums from the late 1980s and early 1990s, and NME.COM caught up with founder Lou Barlow to discuss the project and his new material.

Sebadoh‘s original members – Barlow, Jason Loewenstein and Eric Gaffney – are readying several of their albums for reissue while in the midst of their first North American tour in 14 years.

“We’re basically just beginning the process of reissuing all of the Sebadoh records, except for the last one which nobody really cares about,” Barlow told NME.COM.


“We’re starting with ‘Sebadoh III’ and then doing ‘The Freed Man’ and then ‘Weed Forestin’, then ‘Bubble And Scrape’ and then ‘Bakesale’. Those will all happen in a regular schedule for the next few years,” he explained.

Barlow recently told NME.COM that one of the reasons for the recent reunion of his other band, Dinosaur Jr, was for the money, but he assured that isn’t the case with Sebadoh.

“Anything I do with Sebadoh is not for the money,” Barlow said.

“I don’t really make money off of Sebadoh. We just realised that we have a lot of material and we would do well to repackage it and put it all together because we’ve never reissued anything before.”

Barlow said that he’s been very busy working on new material, but he’s not yet sure where it will end up.

“I’m writing more now than I have in a long time,” he admitted. “I’m not sure if it will be Sebadoh material or whether it will become a solo record – we’ll see.”


–By our Los Angeles staff.

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