Sebastien Tellier’s Eurovision entry slammed by the French

The 'Divine' star is criticised for singing in English

France’s Eurovision entry Sebastien Tellier says he has been criticised in his home country for singing the track in English.

The musician, whose recent ‘Sexuality’ album was produced by Daft Punk‘s Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, will perform ‘Divine’ at the ceremony in Belgrade on Saturday (May 24).

However, he explained that, while most of France is pleased with his international success, some more conservative elements have criticised his decision to sing in English.

Tellier told the Telegraph: “The Minister of Culture and the Minister of French Language wrote to me to tell me their position. One side of France is very proud of acts like Air and Daft Punk, who are very popular although they sing in English.

“This side of France was really happy about my nomination, but the traditional part of France, from the old times, said, ‘He has to sing in French.'”

Tellier tried recording a French language version of the track, but explained that his home language didn’t fit the song as well as English.

He admitted: “‘Divine’ is better in English. I went to the studio to try and make a French version. It was not good, so I just kept two sentences, just a wink to the French people.”