Secret Garden Party set to return for its 20th anniversary

The festival is returning in 2022 after a five-year hiatus

Secret Garden Party is returning for its 20th anniversary.

In a new post on Twitter, the festival organisers revealed that the event would be coming back in 2022 after a five year hiatus.

A staple on the summer music calendar for 15 years and one of the UK’s first ’boutique festivals’, Secret Garden Party has seen performances from the likes of Gorillaz, Florence + The Machine, Faithless, Lily Allen, Blondie and many more. However, in 2017, founder Freddie Fellowes said “all good things must come to an end”, adding that they were working onΒ a different festival to launch in the years ahead.


Fans wanting to attend the event will have to register for tickets online from September 1 via the organisers website here. The website currently features a countdown clock showing the time until fans can register.

You can see the post below.

β€œI know some of you will be questioning, why now? And more importantly , why tell us now?,” said Fellows of the festival’s end back in 2017. β€œI hope you don’t find the timing Machiavellian, however there is never the perfect time to drop this bombshell, too early or too late and people are going to miss out and be disappointed. Hopefully we have struck the middle ground here.

β€œSince then, with you always at the heart of it, The Garden Party has defined and redefined outdoor events in the UK; we have all done this together as a collective of truly independent outsiders. I have never compromised our principles and I never will. SGP has always been a beacon of what you can do within those terms and, as imitation (being the sincerest form of flattery) proves, it has set the bar for everyone else going forward.

“This isn’t some principled self-immolation: this is opening it up for new forms in the future. So this summer will be the almighty send-off that The Garden Party deserves and whilst that is going to cause some tears to be shed, think of it more as β€˜Dylan goes electric’ than our Altamont. So watch this space for the phoenix rising from the ashes.”


Reviewing the last Secret Garden Party event in 2017, NME said: “Secret Garden Party is a place where normal convention does not hold.

“Secret Garden Party pulls out all the stops for its final curtain. The spectacular Sunday afternoon paint fight comes with paint fireworks, and the Dance Off even has a champagne fight on Friday. A skywriting plane shooting fireworks circles over the Lake Stage during Jagwar Ma’s Saturday set and the legendary burning of the effigy in the middle of the lake sees an entire faux mansion house go up in smoke, revealing a gigantic heart of fire in its ruins.”