Secret Machines share cover of Gillian Welch’s ‘Everything Is Free’

Recorded before Benjamin Curtis' death and taken from the upcoming re-release of 'Ten Silver Drops'

Secret Machines have shared their cover of Gillian Welch’s classic ‘Everything Is Free’. Hear it first on NME below.

Taken from the B-sides and rarities on the band’s upcoming expanded vinyl re-issue of their cult favourite 2006 sophomore album ‘Ten Silver Drops‘, the rendition of Welch’s ‘Revelator’ highlight originally appeared on the band’s UK only single of ‘All At Once (It’s Not Important)’.

“‘Revelator ‘was such an amazing record – I mean it is so radically minimal,” Brandon Curtis told NME. “I remember being completely enthralled by the harmonies. I am still in awe of the perfect simplicity of the production. When we decided to record ‘Everything Is Free’, I remember having in depth discussions with Benjamin about the vocal take. His thought was that I was too emotional – that the vocal should be more dispassionate. Listening back I think I agree.

“I remember that the song resonated so deeply with me as a singer that I felt like I needed to really cut loose. Anyway, I hope it stands as a fitting tribute to Ms Welch and Mr Rawlings.”

Having been out of print for over 10 years, ‘Ten Silver Drops’ will be reissued on 180g heavyweight vinyl with extra tracks. The album is available to buy here before sales close on October 9. Orders will ship in January 2019.

As well as the original tracks, the 2LP set that will include The Allaire Sessions: B-sides And Rarities from the studio sessions – many of which are new to vinyl.

Check out the tracklist below:

Side A
01. Alone, Jealous & Stoned 6:46
02. All At Once (It’s Not Important) 4:37
03. Lightning Blue Eyes 5:31
04. Daddy’s In the Doldrums 8:23
Side B
01. I Hate Pretending 5:15
02. Faded Lines 4:59
03. I Want To Know If It’s Still Possible 5:00
04. 1,000 Seconds 5:15

Side C
01. Daddy’s in the Doldrums (previously unreleased alternate version)
02. Another Minute Standing Still (non-LP track from “Lightning Blue Eyes” UK single)
03. Everything is Free (non-LP track from “All At Once (It’s Not Important)” UK single)

Side D
01. Solar Bloodlines (non-LP instrumental track from “Lightning Blue Eyes” UK single)
02. I Want To Know If It’s Still Possible (previously unreleased alternate acoustic version)
03. Angel in Love With Her Own Wings (non-LP track from “All At Once (It’s Not Important)” UK single )

Formed of Josh Garza and brothers Brandon and Ben Curtis, the band are are on record as one of David Bowie’s favourite bands. Secret Machines released three critically-acclaimed albums before they going on hiatus in 2010.

Benjamin Curtis left the band in 2007 to work with School Of Seven Bells. He tragically died in 2013 after a battle with T-cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. Brandon is currently in the touring line-up of Interpol.

Paying tribute after his death, Interpol’s Paul Banks told NME: “Benjamin was gentle and soft spoken and yet he always seemed to be alight. There was a fire inside him that came through as a powerful charisma on or offstage. He was special. I used to refer to him as ‘Mr Mojo’, to portray what I felt was his indelible magnetism.”

Banks added that Curtis leaves “an incredible legacy. He will always be an inspiration for me and anyone else who was blessed to spend time with him, see him perform, or hear his music. In all of his endeavours he brought a signature presence – style, poise and fury.”